Brunch And Egg Finding

We did our yearly neighborhood brunch and Easter egg hunt this morning. The brunch part is obviously more for the adults, but the kids humored us and even ate a little bit. Here is a typical moment with the older kids (and Grant thrown in for good measure – eyeing a strawberry on Alex’s plate).
Then we got down to the business of finding those eggs. The Dads (who are responsible for the hiding) were smart and devised a way to make sure the younger kids got eggs too. All of the eggs on the ground were only for the little kids and any eggs hidden off the ground (such as on a railing or in a tree branch) were for the big kids. Everyone was happy with the arrangement and everyone got a lot of eggs. The big kids were really cute about helping the little ones find eggs. They loved pointing them out or even helping them fill their baskets after they had found all the “high” eggs.



Now for a comparison through the years. Our first Easter egg hunt was in 2011. Starting from left to right..


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