Plane Difficulties And Leprechauns

Wade and I were supposed to fly out at 9 AM and be home by 2 PM so that Judy and Jerry could catch their flight out at 6 PM (Yes we knew this meant everything would have to go perfectly). Of course we had numerous issues at the airport with our flight and ended up on a different airline landing in Milwaukee around 4 PM. Judy and Jerry met us at the airport with their bags in the car. They literally hopped out with their bags and we got in with ours.
Alex rarely talks about school at home. I almost never hear the name of other kids or the things that he has learned. The exception has been about St. Patrick’s day. He has told me all about shamrocks and leprechauns and gold. Imagine my surprise when we found a basket of goodies in our sunroom left by the leprechaun (thanks Granny!).


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