Check Up Times Two

Our pediatrician’s office was nice enough to let me schedule the boys’ yearly checkups together. I didn’t realize this meant we’d be at the doctor’s office for 1.5 hours! The boys did really well with the first part of the check-up. Alex was getting his height (40″ – 50%) and weight (39.8 lbs – 75%) taken like a “big boy” so of course Teague wanted to do that too. Teague’s height (35″ – 75%) and weight (34.2 lbs – 96%) were still somewhat impressive. Teague also had a development assessment done and we were all (doctor included) surprised to see that even his vocabulary/communication skills scored on the average level (the low side, but still – not bad for only 5 months of even hearing English).

The rest of the check-up went pretty quickly. The boys found plenty of things in the room to amuse themselves during the times we had to wait. Then Alex saw the shots. He did pretty well until he felt the first one. Then he let out quite the scream. Sadly he had to get a second one too. The nurse provided a sucker which was great until Alex realized Teague had to get four shots. Then he got quite upset on Teague’s behalf – so much so that the sucker dropped right out of his mouth. Thankfully Teague didn’t get upset much at all – thank you Cars band-aids and sucker as awesome distractions!

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