Party Time

Today’s big event was the boys’ birthday party! Teague was just happy to be along for the ride, but Alex understood exactly what was going on. We got everything gathered together and arrived a few minutes early to set up. The cakes were delivered (made by Amber’s awesome baker friend Rachel) and were perfect!


We had nine friends for Alex and three friends for Teague – not to mention all the parents. The kids had a blast running wild after the lady tried a few “structured” activities.



Then we headed upstairs for cake! Alex enjoyed being sung too and blew his candle out at exactly the right time. The only issue being everyone wanted a pirate on their slice of cake. Teague had been watching Alex blow candles out for a few days now. I never dreamed he would do anything drastic. I thought if anything he would do nothing. He sat through the singing and said “car” a time or two. When we stopped he immediately reached out with his hand and grabbed the flame. It put it out and startled him, but didn’t hurt him. It’s definitely the first time I have seen a two year old do that!


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