A Boy Turns 4

Alex woke up knowing it was his birthday. He immediately wanted to check out his cake. Then we changed tradition slightly and had birthday donuts instead of birthday muffins.

Next we opened a few presents, worked a few puzzles, and even Teague got a gift (a welcome “home” present from friends in Collierville).

Wade was able to come home for lunch so we decided to go ahead and have the cake. Alex was ready! (He had already decided his piece would have the mouth – conveniently made of a stick of gum.) Then we let Alex open a few presents before nap (I knew some assembly would be required and could do it while the boys were sleeping.)


It took every bit of their naps (and the extra hour I let Alex sleep) to get everything put together. Thankfully the new toys were great entertainment while dinner was cooking and cleanup was being done. We decided there was no reason not to light the candles and sing “Happy Birthday” a second time. And then we had a last few presents before bedtime. (Teague was trying his hardest to open a present but thankfully Aunt Lissy used super strong ribbon that was too much for an almost-two-year-old to figure out.)



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