Robot Cake Adventures

Today’s big adventure was creating Alex’s cake for tomorrow. The desired configuration is a robot and from the picture/directions it didn’t look too hard (see here for original recipe/design). I got it all together and then realized the directions and their final picture don’t match. They removed some extra cake to make the arms appear just right (on a side note – searching the internet shows other people have discovered this too). This wouldn’t have been an issue if I had realized the error earlier and saved some of the yellow icing. Instead I used the yellow icing to make the green.
I was debating what to do with my oddly proportioned robot (we had attempted to make him a multi-armed robot) when Wade walked in and assured me he could make the cut and salvage the icing.
Wade was absolutely right and the robot looked much better after his “surgery”. A mom-made robot cake created with love.

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