Just Can’t Win

Teague’s first haircut went pretty well. After that they’ve all been pretty bad. He’s fine until you put him in the chair. Then he cries until you take him out. He doesn’t flail so you can get a decent cut, but it’s not a pleasant time for anyone. We’ve talked about it. We’ve made sure Alex goes first. Today I decided to try a kid’s place further away, but with CARS. That was obviously the magic ticket. He walked right over and let me set him in. He laughed when she used the trimmer over his ears. He said, “beep beep” when she needed him to look down to get his neck. Genius! Definitely worth the further drive.

Until we had to leave. Teague didn’t want to leave. We had a meltdown like I haven’t seen in months. He screamed the entire 20 minute drive home (this is after I tried to comfort/distract/console before buckling him into his carseat). So was it worth it? I am still deciding.

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