Alex is starting to figure out time. Right now he understands that he can’t have his birthday till Daddy has his. Thankfully Wade’s birthday finally came and Alex was thrilled! Even better that Wade worked from home today and got to spend extra time with the boys! I had ordered a special treat for dinner (Rendezvous Ribs) and they came packaged in dry ice. Wade saved it for the boys and showed it to them while I was fixing dinner.
Then we moved on to everyone’s favorite part of the evening – present opening! Wade’s list was a little sad this year and my creativity was a little lacking. I got him the last thing on his list and I sincerely hoped he had really wanted it and hadn’t just been “being Wade”. Imagine my surprise when he was so excited he was beating the table and laughing hysterically. Of course you would be to if you got a wacky waving inflatable arm guy, right? (You know the blow up guys in front of car dealerships?)


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