Shortly after bringing Teague home we noticed some bumps that would randomly appear and disappear on his skin. I asked the doctor and he told me they were most likely an allergic reaction to something. He also informed me that 90 percent of the time we never know what causes the reaction. He said the most common food allergy in children is eggs and recommended that we remove eggs from Teague’s diet for 2 weeks. I didn’t notice any change in the frequency of the bumps so the eggs came back (which is good because Teague loves eggs). At this point I was trying to be very aware of what I fed Teague and when the bumps would appear. We were at Yo Mama when he suddenly got them on his face (which was rare). I thought – maybe strawberries. That weekend he had a strawberry nutrigrain bar and his lip was extremely swollen for over 24 hours. I thought I might have figured it out. How easy life would be if his allergy was strawberries!
Teague hasn’t had a hint of strawberry in almost a month. I put three slices on his ice cream tonight and he didn’t have a single bump. There goes that theory….

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