Kid Friendly New Year’s

For several years we have embraced the idea of a kid-friendly New Year’s Eve party. I love the idea. We have food, friends, a good time, and everybody is gone by 9 pm. It’s awesome! Tonight the neighbors all came and the house was full of chaos (as usual). Some of our attempted group pictures are hilarious – numerous kids, hyped on sugar, past bedtime, in low lighting, equalled not great pictures.

Towards the end of the evening, Abram convinced Alex and Riley to put on a production. He narrated/directed and Riley and Alex attempted to follow his directions. It was hilarious and consisted of numerous outfit changes and themes. My favorite was the knight and football player (that picture did not turn out).

Nicki brought sparkling grape juice for the boys and we taught them how to toast. They were a little hesitant but quickly caught on and liked the “soda”.

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