I Apologize

I apologize to anyone who has ever mentioned a sinus infection and I have not shown proper sympathy. I mentioned in an earlier post my tooth pain and trip to the dentist. I took my prescribed antibiotics and within 36 hours my mouth pain was so bad I couldn’t chew food, but we were leaving for KY that afternoon and I decided to worry about it later. (At this point I was pretty sure my dentist was right about the sinus infection but I had doubts that my antibiotic was working.) Aspirin came through for me and I decided to keep taking it for the next few days. My entire life I have had migraine headaches, much worse in the last year, so I didn’t think much of it when I got a headache. I didn’t even give it a thought when I seemed to have numerous headaches over Christmas. It was only when I was feeling better and talked to some other people that I realized I had tooth/mouth pain for 7 days overlapping with a migraine for 10 days – all courtesy of my sinus infection. I hope that was my first and last sinus infection.

  1. Ugh – i’m right there with you! going on day 9 of my sinus infection! i was actually really happy you posted about your tooth b/c i have been having some (much more minor) tooth pain this time around and have figured it was because of the sinus infection!

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