Christmas Eve – The March Begins

My family has always done most of our big Christmas on Christmas Eve. We went back to my Dad’s for breakfast and presents this morning. Alex is into opening presents and Teague is kind of oblivious to the entire thing. It works out nicely in that Alex gets to open more gifts and Teague doesn’t get upset.

Then it was back to my Mom’s house for Christmas with her. Alex’s big want this year was Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Gram gave him the pirate ship. He would have been happy to stop there. My favorite gift of the season was Wade’s. I made fun of him when he put the sweater defuzzer on his list and I made fun of him when he got it. (I also laughed at him later in the day when he went to work on his sweaters and swore it worked as advertised. Wade refuses to wear a sweater if it has a single ball of fuzz.) I’m glad he’s happy.

Then it was time to prepare for our Christmas Eve dinner with my Mom’s side of the family. Alex and Teague have a bunch of cousins that they only see once or twice a year. The older cousins are great with Alex and keep him entertained, follow his whims, and fight over who gets to sit next to him at dinner. He’s pretty much in heaven all evening. Teague was content to take it all in and even scored some new trucks with buttons.

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