Here is an update on Teague:
Sleeping – Teague had been sleeping through the night until we traveled to KY for Thanksgiving. There he woke up several times a night and continued to do so back at home for several weeks. He has just now returned to sleeping through the night – just in time for another trip.
Eating – A few weeks ago we noticed that Teague was eating less – still more than Alex – but much less than we were used to. We thought maybe he had been “adjusting” and the new level would be normal. It turns out he was just feeling a little under the weather. He is now back to eating his large amounts of anything you put in front of him. He will drink from almost any type of cup and easily drinks his two cups of milk a day (preferably while being held). Cheese is definitely his favorite food. Corn is his favorite vegetable.
Bathing – Teague loves the tub and the shower. He knows the words and definitely lets you know he wants to join in the fun.
Attachment – We have no concerns about this. Teague is an affectionate little guy. He will walk up and give hugs and kisses. He gives huge grins when I pick him up from childcare. We have a well adjusted little guy.
Talking – Teague has about 10 words. The list is “Woof woof”, “good girl”, “bye bye”, “car”, “bubble”, “ball”, “shoe”, “neigh”, “meow”, “go”, and “cheese”. Shoe is more of a “sh” sound, but I’ll give it to him.

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