Love Letters

My Uncle Tommy has been working on family history. He brought by my Grandmother’s scrapbook for me to look through. What a treasure! My favorite was the note from my Granddad to my Grandmother when they were still in school. I’ve typed it up to the best of my ability below – some of the writing was a little difficult to decipher.
December 14, 1934
Dated with Kisses
Of 1934 Blue****
Dearest Gelah,
It has been so long since I wrote a letter. I hardly no how to start but will try to scribble you a few lines being as it seems I’m not going to get to talk to you.
I thought I would get to talk to you in chapel this morning but you were sitting by Ezra so I just let it go and didn’t get to see you this evening either. I asked Frances what was the matter with you and she said you were mad at me. I don’t see why you should unless because I didn’t sit by you in study hall. I put my books over on table where we sit and you went over to where Frances was so I thought you maybe didn’t want to sit by me so just went over and sat at another table not thinking much about it, until after Frances told me what she did. That’s the only thing I could think off and if it is or anything else I am sorry as I can be.
I have been feeling bad and in the don’t care stage and just let it run on not thinking so much about what I was doing. I am not mad at you for I don’t think you have done anything for me to be mad at you for.
It is now ten thirty and no one up but me, Please Please Please forgive me, you know when you say please three times you are supposed to do so. I feel like I have done my part and I am closing hoping to sleep good and hoping you are doing your part and things will seem like they used to.
Please answer and tell me what the matter is anyway and maybe we can be friends.

(And they were married friends for 63 years)

  1. Wonderful and amazing!!! Treasure is the perfect word.

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