Wade and Chris left for Nashville last night. Wade is flying home to recover from sickness and go to work on Monday. Chris is returning home to refinish two bathrooms. Melissa and I are staying in town with the kids! We decided to attempt church. I was a little unsure how Teague would do (he’s been a little more tentative than usual), but he didn’t have a single issue. (It probably helped that they fed them chocolate chip cookies the entire time they were there – personal annoyance when kids are dressed up and going to lunch immediately afterwards.)

Then it was on to brunch, naps, and back to the horses. Laura has a new horse, Pepper, who is incredibly gentle. Melissa set Harper on Pepper and then we tried Teague. He seemed to enjoy it! While Alex was taking his turn riding one of the ponies, I worked with Teague to sit on the other. Then we got everyone to clap and cheer when Teague finally got in the saddle. That definitely made the difference – he loves clapping and “Yaying”.

My personal favorite picture of the day.

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