I must admit my curiosity was piqued a few weeks ago when we received an envelope in the mail from Nielsen. I was quite amused to find two crisp dollar bills and a five question survey. I filled out the survey and put the money in my wallet. The next week there was another envelope with a short survey and a single dollar bill. I once again completed the survey. Then I got a phone call asking if we would be willing to track our TV viewing for a week in exchange for $30. I quickly agreed. The past week I have been religiously tracking our TV watching. (I am the kind of person they must love to have complete their booklets).

  1. We got one of those yesterday with five $1 bills. I think Nick is going to do it. They would not be impressed with my TV watching. If it is not morning news or the occasional Law and Order or Seinfeld, I rarely watch TV! That is cool you get $30! It was so odd they sent cash in the mail. Glad we didn’t throw it away!

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