Handing Out Candy

I find the way our neighborhood handles Halloween very strange. We essentially have two trick or treating times – for different people. The Sunday afternoon before Halloween is for Milwaukee County – the kids are driven to our neighborhood by their parents. Then on the evening of Halloween we have trick or treating for the neighborhood kids. The upside is Alex gets to help pass out candy for the first one and actually trick or treat for the second one.
After the boys woke up from their naps, they joined all the neighbors on the front lawn to hand out candy.

It was quite chilly and as we were packing up I mentioned building a fire. Amber mentioned ordering Chinese food. Pretty soon we had a plan for everyone to end up back at our house for Chinese that Nick would pick up. Perfect evening! After everyone left, Alex and Teague enjoyed some books in front of the fire before bed.

  1. I always thought 2 trick or treating times was sort of strange too, although in our old neighborhood, they changed up the route every year so that everyone wasn’t handing out candy 2 times per year – you only were handing out candy 2 times per year every third year with their system. In our current location, there is only one trick or treat and it is on Halloween night!

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