Doctor’s Orders

Today we met with Teague’s (and Alex’s) pediatrician. I love our doctor! He immediately reviewed the medical file we brought from Korea and then asked what I wanted to do about vaccinations. I told him I would follow his suggestions, but I wasn’t a big fan of unnecessary medicine. He said that was his philosophy too. He pointed out that the Adoption Clinic recommended revaccination and then he suggested we take the Korean records as fact and do a few “booster” shots at the 2 year appointment as a little back up. Sadly this didn’t mean Teague got out of shots today. He had to have a TB test, his second Hep A shot, and two more vaccinations that are not done in Korea. (See the aftermath below)

Other than that the visit went smoothly. I asked about the HUGE amounts of food Teague eats and the doctor said to keep feeding him. He is a big boy and a healthy eater. He pointed out that as long as his height percentile (98%) is greater than his weight percentile (around 80%) then there is no cause for concern. I also asked about Teague’s refusal to drink milk from a cup. The doctor suggested giving him 2-3 bottles a day of whole milk with a tiny amount of formula. Over the next few weeks remove all formula. Then after another week or two exchange the bottles for sippy cups. If he won’t drink the milk then don’t force the issue. He also recommended only giving milk at meals and water in between meals. I’m curious to see how this goes, but Teague loved the two bottles he got today.

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