All In A Day

Teague has learned the rules with our stairs and now doesn’t venture near them (which is good since we never quite got around to baby gates). While everyone is getting ready in the morning he is most often found playing with a pull toy (which Alex never touched – at any age).

I decided to make marinara sauce with my remaining tomatoes and needed a few ingredients from the grocery. It was Teague’s first time in a “car cart”. When Alex joins me at the grocery he makes one of two requests (if not both). He likes to stop to see the fish in the fountain in the flower area or he likes to look at the birthday cakes. Today he wanted to check out the cakes. (Last time he picked out a cross cake (from the christening section) for his birthday cake. Today he liked the Thomas cake.)

We rushed to get our groceries home and in the refrigerator before driving to Yo Mama for story time! We’ve missed this activity over the summer and are glad they are starting up again. Even better that Abram and some of his friends joined us! Teague didn’t participate in story time, but he did eat yogurt (a lot of yogurt).

Then it was home for naps and lazy playing around the house. I cooked marinara sauce (for hours and hours and hours) and creamy chicken noodle soup for dinner. Perfect for a rainy day!

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