What Are The Odds

I will admit I have bought the boys some matching tops (and we’ve been given some). However, the ones in the pictures below are random circumstances. Teague is wearing a shirt my Mom bought for Alex several years ago. Alex is wearing a shirt we were given by a friend with older boys. As I was going through their closets looking for church clothes I realized it was the same shirt. I asked Alex if he wanted to wear the same shirt as Teague and he said yes.
We tried to leave Teague in the nursery and he didn’t do so well. There was only one nursery worker, one preteen helper, and eight kids under the age of two. I didn’t feel I could leave a screaming Teague – especially since I wasn’t sure he would stop crying. I eventually just stayed in the nursery with Teague. He would leave my side and have fun for short periods before getting concerned and needing a hug. We’ll continue to work on this one.
I didn’t attempt to get a picture of the boys till after lunch and Teague was more than ready for a nap.

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