Gold Star

Today we had our first post placement visit. The social worker from our adoption agency has to visit and write a report at arrival, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. All four of us had to be present for the visit and our social worker was sweet enough to bring gifts for both boys. Overall the visit was not a big deal. She had a lot of questions on Teague and his adjustment. Then she “interviewed” Alex. He was really good about sitting and talking – especially since his gift was a Scooby movie he couldn’t wait to watch. My favorite moment was when the social worker asked Alex what he did when Teague took his toys. Alex immediately answered, “I go tell Mom or Dad to get it back.” This is not what he does in practice, but it is what we have been telling Alex he should do. Talk about coming across as a very well mannered 3.5 year old! Gold star for Alex.

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