Meeting The Family (And Neighbors)

Alex woke up at his normal 7 am and we went to play with Gam (who had to play too because she was sleeping on the couch). Teague woke up at 8 and Wade joined us all for the meeting of brothers. (We also got a morning delivery of a fruit bouquet just in time for breakfast – thank you Kubickis and Strouds.)

We quickly moved the party outside where Alex wanted to do “yard work” and Teague wanted to copy Alex.

We managed to get dressed before the neighbors met up outside to play. I love the two distinct groups we have of “older boys” and “younger babies”. (Poor Glenna is still the only girl.)

We went inside for lunch and naps before going back outside to play. Wade and I decided on a cheesy I Love Korea T-shirt picture (sadly they didn’t make the shirts small enough for Teague) and then we played some more with Abram and Grant.

Teague loves to eat! We had a Southern meal for dinner – fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, and green beans. Teague definitely ate more than Alex and almost more than I did. I put him in his bed at 7 pm with no fuss and we didn’t hear a thing until midnight. Then it took a little work to get him back to sleep at 1 am. He slept till 10 the next morning.

  1. Beautiful moments!
    I’ll be sure to keep watching this space!

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