A New Day

Teague woke up this morning and he was happy! This was the first time we hadn’t seen shy or crying. He was inquisitive and giggled. The best was when we realized he liked to hug and snuggle. While we were getting him ready for a bath (hence no clothes), Wade picked him up and Teague immediately put his head on his shoulder. Wade was in heaven!

We spent the rest of the morning walking around Insadong and then packing for our return flight. Teague’s foster mother obviously loved him very much. Instead of including just the required items she essentially filled another suitcase with gifts for Teague, Alex, Wade, and I (not to mention snacks and clothes for Teague). The sweetest items were the matching hanboks (traditional Korean clothing) she bought for Teague and Alex. Eventually we were packed and then began our LONG journey home (first flight – 18 hours; second flight – 2 hours). We flew Korean Air (which I highly recommend – again highly recommend – they were amazing) from Seoul to Atlanta. When they realized we had Teague, they “blocked” a third seat for us in business class (free of charge). Teague was amazing on the flight and essentially slept most of the way.

When we reached Atlanta we made our way through immigration (a little longer process because of Teague’s Korean passport and US visa) and then had a quick visit with Wade’s family. When they realized we would be in Atlanta with a 3 hour layover they drove over hoping to see us (but with no guarantee). Teague was awake enough to meet and eventually give hugs.

Our flight arrived in Milwaukee a little before 11 pm. Amber kindly came over to sit with Alex (who was asleep) and my Mom came to pick us up at the airport. We all got to bed around 2 am. We were shocked (and so glad) that Teague went to sleep without a sound in the crib alone in his room (he is used to co-sleeping with his foster parents).

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