What A Day!

Wade had surgery this morning for a torn meniscus in his knee. He needed to be there at 6 am so he drove himself and Alex and I got ready for school. We showed up at the surgery center around 8. I had a bag of entertainment for Alex and a special breakfast we picked up.

The doctor came out to tell us about the surgery and that Wade should be good as new in two weeks. About 10 minutes later, my phone rang. Because I was sitting in the lobby I debated answering but then I realized the call was coming from Michigan (Bethany headquarters is in MI). I answered and got the great news that Teague was ready to travel!! They wanted us in Seoul within 5-7 days. Pretty shortly thereafter we went back to see Wade in recovery. Wade doesn’t react well to medicine (any medicine) so he was very slow to wake up from anesthesia. I got to tell him four different times about our travel call!
(Through discussion with our social worker and Wade, we decided to put off traveling till Saturday, the 22nd, so that Wade’s knee had more time to heal.)

  1. What fantastic news!! Yay! Here’s to a quick recovery for wade!

  2. What exciting news! Congratulations!

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