Adventures At B and Lori’s (Day 1)

Dad and Laura (called B and Lori by Alex) asked if all the kids (and their kids) could get together for July 4th at their house. We loved the idea and drove to Paducah yesterday. Between the pool and the pony and the quarry, and then back to the pool and pony everyone had a great time. Harper wasn’t very interested in the pool. The minute you let go of her she would make a dash for the horses, which she loved. (It turns out the horses get hot too and Dad has a hose rigged up for cooling them off.)

Alex is fascinated with B’s quarry and Melissa had never seen it. We loaded up Dad’s car and took a drive to see. We were hoping to make it before they finished loading the barges, but we were a little to slow for that.

After a nice long nap for everyone we headed back out to the pool. And before long we were in the pasture with the horses.

At the end of the day we were all wiped out – Madison included. She spends the entire day running the property (40 acres), chasing the horses (and rolling in horse poop), and chasing the geese (which means swimming the length of the pond over and over).

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