Pizza And A Movie

Alex and I had a date tonight for pizza and a movie. I was trying to come up with a movie he would enjoy and thought of Dumbo. I told him yesterday we were going to watch a movie called Dumbo about an elephant that could fly. It’s all he’s talked about all day. He was so engrossed with the movie he mindlessly stuffed his face with pizza.

I took our plates into the kitchen and suddenly heard Alex screaming. By the time I rushed into the living room he had tears running down his cheeks and was shaking he was so upset. I thought any Disney movie would be fine to watch (even one created in 1941). I forgot about the scene where Dumbo and his mother are separated. The men are a little scary with their sharp sticks and whips. Not to mention the mother and Dumbo are obviously upset. We talked it through and he wanted to see the rest and loved it in the end (whew).

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