I Recommend Meyer

Alex’s hair had gotten long so we had an appointment for a haircut today. Due to the insane number of people at Yo Mama we had to park several blocks away – in a residential area. As we were walking to Whimsikidz we passed some men pouring concrete. Alex and I stopped for a few minutes to watch and one of the men came over. He told Alex to come back in about 30 minutes to leave his handprint. We laughed and walked on. After the haircut we stopped for ice cream and then walked by the men again. This time we stopped and sat on the sidewalk to talk about what they were doing. The same man asked again about the handprint. Then a second man came over to Alex and laid down a trowel. He told Alex he could play in the concrete and told me he had a hose if anything got on Alex. Alex loved working like the men and talking to them. When we were ready to leave the same man created a container so that Alex could take home some concrete. What awesome guys. They made Alex’s day.

(Meyer was the name of the concrete company.)

*And this is why I always carry my camera.

  1. How fantastic!! What great guys to let him play.

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