My Latest Project

Last year I heard about “Project Life” and got interested. It’s a really easy way to scrapbook without being creative or having to “create” pages. You just have to provide the pictures and add your personal notes. I decided to try it this year. The first week of January I sat down to order all my supplies, but evidently there was a Christmas rush and most were sold out. I waited and waited and finally found them in stock in late March. At this point I also realized that the title and journaling cards are all oriented for the horizontal picture layouts, but 95% of my pictures are vertical. I called in my design expert (Wade) and he manipulated the horizontal cards to be vertical. (He has mad photoshop and illustrator skills.) Then I decided I wanted to print my journaling cards instead of handwriting them. My printer (a laser printer) wasn’t cooperating and I finally called in Wade. He explained I would need a different kind of printer for this. My awesome new printer (Canon Pro9000 MarkII) arrived today and I spent all evening printing.

You can organize the book any way you want. I do two pages per week. This gives me a title card, 7 vertical pictures, and then 8 horiztonal wallet slots (for either pictures or journaling). There are other “plastics” you can buy as needed. I have two other types that I use for weeks with an extra long story (Teague’s referral) or extra pictures (Alex’s birthday or Easter).
Wade was supportive but had to ask the question, “Isn’t this a little redundant with your blog?” Sometimes yes, but there are pictures and stories that I don’t post for the world to see.

  1. i have been doing project life too 🙂

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