Backyard Shenanigans And Soccer

We are dog-sitting for the week. I am learning a lot about “bigger” dogs (They are taller and therefore can get into more. They have a longer tail and knock things over). This one is skittish, stubborn, and quite smart. She has figured out how to open the gate on our fence. She also likes to play with Alex. When he’s on his knees she will come up behind him and continually use her nose to tickle him. Alex thinks it is great fun and obviously the dog likes it too.

This afternoon was the second soccer session outside. Amber and I sat in the grass and chatted while the boys played. Maybe someday Alex will have a long enough attention span to go more than 5 minutes between snacks or saying “I love you Mommy” (which is really sweet but his filler when he needs to say something or wants attention).

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