The Trip From **** (For Both Of Us)

When Alex and I got downstairs this morning I realized we were going to celebrate my birthday a little early!! After breakfast and presents, Alex and Gam played (with Popoids – a childhood favorite) while the rest of us got ready for church.

The plan had always been to stay for church and lunch before starting the drive back to Milwaukee. As we were driving home from church I got a call from Wade cautioning me about the weather. He told me to take a look and consider staying another day. I evaluated it and decided to leave quickly in hopes of beating the storms. I was rushing Alex to change clothes and get packed. He was whining and crying and I was getting frustrated. Then he told me he had a hiccup. The next minute he threw up. I didn’t stop to think about it but changed his clothes and got us in the car.
In retrospect, it turns out Alex was sick. He ended up wearing four different outfits and going through three blankets on our drive home. He was actually in a pretty good mood considering and the storms ended up being the least of my worries.

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