Can You Guess

You’ll never guess what animal was focused on in zoo class today!

I can’t say enough good things about these zoo classes. The teacher is great with the kids (a former preschool teacher/director) and her creativity in coming up with activities is amazing. Today Alex put a sock on his hand to simulate a truck and then had to pull leaves off a tree, get water (blue colored straw) and carry a large stick with his “trunk”. He got to cover an elephant in mud (shaving cream dyed brown) with his fingers to simulate how the elephants cool down. Then there were tons of painting/coloring and of course a costume too.
The best part is each class ends with a trip into the zoo to see the actual animal. Today we got to go into the elephants’ bedroom (the indoor room) while the elephants were outside. Then we went out and watched the zoo keeper feed the elephants and run them through their tricks.

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