We finally have a name for our newest little guy. His full name will be Teague Davis Burch. (We have always wanted to use Teague – a name from Wade’s side of the family. Finding the middle name proved extremely difficult. We finally settled on Davis – a name from my side of the family.) I also got an unexpected document today telling me some personal details about Teague such as:
*Falls asleep on his blanket while sucking right thumb
*Drinks water from cup and straw
*Moves buttocks up and down in sitting position when hearing music from TV commercials.
*Bends head and pretends crying if said “Don’t do that.”
*Lifts hands and hits others hands when said ‘fighting.’
We also learned that he is schedule for surgery in April. This didn’t come as a complete surprise, but I’m anxious to hear how it goes and see an “after picture”.
(I know the picture is slightly blurry and his eyes are closed, but I love the hint of a smile on his face.)

  1. This is so exciting! I love the name and love the little details. I have to say, he already looks like a Burch with that plaid button down 🙂

  2. He is so precious! I agree with Amy….he is already dressing like a Burch. Big hugs to everyone from the Wright family.

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