All In A Day

Our mornings are pretty lazy. If I am trying to do laundry/ironing then Alex plays upstairs. Today he wanted to “read” to mouse while I ironed. The book is Scooby Doo. Alex saw an episode at Abram’s and has since been fascinated with “Scooby Doopy Doopy Doo”.

Alex has been sad all winter knowing that some of his riding toys are in storage in the garage (up above the car). We told him they would come out again when it was summer and we had on shorts. The second I put him in shorts yesterday he wanted his toys down (smart kid). We got the bike out today and will get the rest down tomorrow. I’m pretty sure the snow is gone for good. (You might notice Alex has holes in his jeans. The jeans are reinforced at the knee so even with a hole you can’t see his leg. As we were riding in the car today he suddenly exclaimed, “Why did you put three jeans on me?” He obviously thought he had to have on multiple pairs if he saw jean under the hole.)

After dinner we had a special treat for Alex. We took him to Build-A-Bear. The purpose behind the visit was to make a stuffed animal for the baby and include a personal message with Wade’s voice on it. Alex chose the animals (it took everything we had to steer him away from the camouflaged teddy bear – yuck!) and helped add the stuffing. Wade made the recording and now we have a bunny to put in our first care package.

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