He’s 3!!

(Get ready for a long post – my boy turned 3 today!) Harper family tradition starts a birthday morning off with “plate presents” for all siblings (which normally means you get it at breakfast). Alex happened to see his the night before in Gam’s room and woke up asking for his “police station”. If you look closely you can still see the marks on his face from the blankets and pillows.

We finally got around to birthday donuts for Alex and birthday muffins for Mom and I. Alex also realized his cake was also on the table and wanted to check it out – he approved. Alex has quite a pile of presents so we let him open one. He loved the Playmobil conveyor from B and Lori!

Granny and Pop arrived with one quick present before the party – a cape custom made by Granny! One side has an “A” and the other has a rocket ship. Alex loved it (and Mom did too)!

Then we were out the door for the big party. We invited 10 little boys (and one little girl) to Yo Mama for a party. It was crazy, hectic, and a little wild, but the kids had a great time. The party included a tour of the back, a craft (decorating aprons), presents (Alex in the big chair and the gift-giver in the little one), and yogurt and cake!

We returned home and everyone had a nap (thank goodness). Then Alex had to get busy opening his presents. He was very methodical about stacking them up as he unwrapped them. He was waiting till the end to play with them. Aunt Emmy called on the computer and Alex loved showing her his favorite card (thanks Sam!). Then it was time for dinner and the rocket ship cake!

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