Perfectly Round Cookies

We had plans to attend our church’s Super Bowl party. I debated about what to cook and decided to try some new dessert recipes – a cookie and a brownie.
I love brownies, but rarely make them. Wade won’t eat them (too much chocolate) and I normally try to make something we both like. That being said, I have never made brownies from scratch that I liked. The boxed mixes are always yummy, but when I make them from scratch I always think they aren’t sweet enough. I tried Cooking Light’s Classic-Fudge Walnut Brownies. They looked great, but still weren’t as good as boxed ones.
The cookie was also from Cooking Light, the Maple-Walnut Spice Cookie. These were fairly easy to make and the cookies came out store-bought perfect (below is a picture before icing). They tasted pretty good, but I think I’ll still stick with a chocolate chip cookie.

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