Successful Screen Installation

I have always been a little protective of my iPad. Alex wasn’t allowed to touch it for almost 6 months after I got it. Then I slowly let him play a game here or there. In general, I kept it out of his reach and always had a case on it. A few weeks ago I left it on the coffee table. He picked it up and brought it to me in the kitchen. At this point I noticed a long scratch down the front. I took it into the store and was told it was a crack, not a scratch. (This leads me to believe he dropped it, but I didn’t hear it hit the ground.) They also told me they don’t repair, they replace. That would be $250. Ouch. It still functioned fine and although the scratch was annoying, it wasn’t too bad. I told Wade about it and he found a replacement screen online for $50. He installed it tonight and it works. Thank you Wade!!

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