Surgery? What Surgery?

Alex was scheduled for minor surgery this morning. I tried to prepare him, but he was still rather grumpy about getting a wristband and putting on pajamas. The TV, iPad, and Legos were all a definite help. An even bigger help was the sedative they give children before taking them back for anesthesia. I was told it would help with separation anxiety (which it did) and ensure they didn’t remember any of the mask or other things liked he IV. (On the funny side, I can now imagine what a drunk 2 year old would act like.)

I was only in the waiting room for 20 minutes before the doctor came out to talk to me. Then it was another 20 minutes before I was taken to Alex in recovery. He was snuggled up with Moose, eating a popsicle, and watching TV. I could tell when he really started coming around because he got very demanding and wanted out of bed, IVs off, and another popsicle. He got his wishes and we headed home.

Alex was happy, but subdued when we got home. He stayed on the couch and watched some TV with a few snacks. I put him down for his nap and he woke up 2 hours later ready to go. He was literally jumping off the walls and loving the balloons Gam sent. (He never even had a dose of tylenol.)

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