Look Who’s Turning 4

It’s not quite Abram’s birthday, but he had his party today! We rushed Alex’s nap a little so that he’d wouldn’t miss a minute of the party at the Children’s Play Gallery (I LOVE this place.) Abram invited all of our neighborhood friends – Sam, Phoenix, Riley, Evan – and a few others too. The kids had a blast running around and the parents had fun watching and talking.

We continued the party at Amber’s house with pizza and present opening (and a Packer game for the dads). It’s the one day of the year we don’t make them all share toys. Alex and Phoenix had a little trouble understanding why Abram got all these new toys and then didn’t have to hand them over. (Abram was amazingly good about the sharing actually!)

Alex had a little trouble falling asleep (imagine, after all that excitement) and we could hear him talking in his bed. Curiosity finally got the best of me and I turned on the monitor. I couldn’t understand most of it, but I did get, “Alex and Abram at the party.”

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