A Day On The Farm

After a quick drive (3.5 hours) we arrived at my Dad’s house for a visit. Alex was all over the place and really excited to ride his pony. (He never has named it so my Dad calls him “Little Bit”). Dad always rounds up the big horses and puts them in their stalls while we ride the ponies. He also feeds the ponies before riding and Alex spends the time talking to them.

Madison always enjoys Dad’s house. She spends the entire time running and running. She also proves exactly how much a “city” dog she is. She followed us to the barn and repeatedly rolled around in horse poop. Yuck! Then she was confused why we didn’t let her inside for lunch.

We had dinner (Chick-fil-a nuggets and El Chico cheese and chips) with Mom. Alex had a lot of fun “cleaning” all of my old toys.

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