Turkey Day

Wade and I made it to Memphis in time for dinner last night. (What a difference it is to drive with just Madison in the backseat!) That gave us all day today to have fun and get ready for our Turkey dinner at 4 pm. The weather was wonderful so we explored the outdoors. Alex still loves the tree house and jumping in leaves.

Alex also showed us “his” desk (complete with markers and scissors) and all of the books at Granny’s house. I was surprised at how attached Alex was to Wade and me. He obviously realized we weren’t around the last week. (And it sure made a mom feel good!)

Then the extended family got together for Thanksgiving. Tina and Marie were quite happy to entertain Alex (and laugh at his antics). We spent quite a bit of time exploring Wade’s room and his mementos from childhood. Imagine my surprise when I discovered my husband can perform yoyo tricks. How has this never come up?

I wanted a group picture and everyone was kind enough to participate.

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