Painting And Fixing

I spent the day painting. Wade is a trustee at the church, which means he is in charge of fixing the building. He had mentioned that the girls’ bathroom need to be painted. I had a free day today so I offered up my services. It took all day, but the bathroom is now purple! (I’ll get a picture at some point.)
When we moved in, the glass-paneled door between the sunroom and the living room had a broken pane and we had it repaired. The man informed us the door was in rough shape and next time he would probably have to redo the entire panel. Then Alex and an incident with a hammer and the door (see here) and we never got around to taking the door back in. During the Fantasy Football draft, Alex and Abram got on either side of the door and both pushed. Now the cracked glass shattered and the door had to go to the shop. It was an expensive repair, but I have a gorgeous new door. And the glass doesn’t even rattle when you shut the door!

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