Happy Halloween!

The pants to Alex’s costume are a little restricting for movement. I knew he wouldn’t wear them tonight for trick-or-treating, but I wanted a picture in full costume. With the bribe of two new cars and playing in the park, I finally got a picture. (The second one he is showing off his new cars.)

Then we hurried home for pizza at Amber’s house before group trick-or-treating (Group picture – Evan (pumpkin), Riley (pumpkin), Abram (fireman), and Alex(robot)). The baby pictured below is Riley’s new sister (Glenna – born just a few days ago). We met up with our neighbor,Sam (cowboy), along the way. The last picture of Abram and Alex is my favorite. Abram loved Alex’s costume and wanted to be a robot too. He put on Alex’s hat and would tell everyone at the door they were both robots!

Alex loved trick-or-treating. He walked the entire time and didn’t mind the trouble he had going up stairs (due to the costume – next year we are definitely going to have one he can run in!). He asked to take off the outfit once and was told that was fine but we would go home. He never said another word and complained when we finally called it a night. He definitely would have kept going!

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