A Very Packed Day

Today our church (Transformation City Church) met in the new building! Renevations aren’t completely done, but enough that we could have service and a potluck afterwards. I wasn’t scheduled to work in the nursery, but I offered when I saw the number of kids. We had 16 kids in the 0-3 age group!

We rushed home to put Alex down for a nap and then I had to wake him up for our Seussical the Musical. We were going with Abram and Riley. (See intermission below – cookies and juice were had by all)

I wasn’t sure of Alex’s reaction to the musical. He watched the entire thing with a very serious expression on his face and sitting in my lap. However, he assured me he enjoyed it and when we got home I caught him “calling” Jojo (one of the characters). Note that he has plugged his “phone” into the radiator before making the call.

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