What A Day!

We started the day with a trip to the dentist. I tried to prep Alex by telling him Dr. Rick would clean his teeth. In the hour before we got there, Alex went from saying Dr. Rick will “clean my toys” to “clean my teeth” to “brush my hair”. We have been going to Small World Dentistry for a year and I have always loved them (see first trip here). Today they were outstanding. This was Alex’s first teeth cleaning (the others were examinations and brushings). The woman was fantastic about explaining all of her tools and showing Alex how it would feel on his fingers. Alex was also a champ. He patiently followed all of her instructions throughout the cleaning. Dr. Rick had had a rough morning with unhappy 3 year olds and was glad Alex calmly opened his mouth and let him count his teeth.

The rest of the day we spent with Abram – before and after nap. The boys have discovered computer games and Amber and I decided to let them both play a little (great social activity, right?):

After nap it was all about the backyard and Buzz Lightyear!

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