I had to report for jury duty today. I based all of assumptions on conversations with friends and family. Nobody had actually had to serve and most people were sent home within the first hour of reporting for duty. That is not the case for Milwaukee County. You are in a series of rooms from 9-5 with a break for lunch. The amenities aren’t too bad – vending machines, free wi-fi, movies, tv, reading room, microwave, and a blood drive*. We were told by the receptionist that if we hadn’t been chosen for a case by 4 pm then we could leave early. At 3:50, I was called for a jury pool.
Part of me finds it very inconvenient to serve. Another part of me is fascinated in the process and would love to be a part of a trial (as long as it isn’t too long).
*I used to be very active in donating blood and platelets. Then we moved a few times and I traveled to an exotic location that caused some problems (see Exuma). Then I had Alex. Today was the perfect day to give. Then we got to the medical examination part. The woman took my blood pressure twice and then gave me a funny look. It turns out my blood pressure is too low to donate (74/40). She obviously had never had this happen before and was rather confused as to what to say to me. Oh well, I always knew I was laid back!

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