Farther South We Go

Wade woke Alex up early this morning (7 am) when he headed to work. Since we were up we went for a swim and had a huge breakfast. Then we had to check out of the hotel (see picture here). I didn’t have any great ideas for entertaining Alex so I decided to do something for me. We drove to the Gaffney outlets mainly for the Pottery Barn Outlet. I was rather disappointed with the selection but we still made a few purchases. Alex got to play on the playground before getting back in the car. I gave him his new book to read on the way home and he fell asleep while reading it. (Sadly I was driving and couldn’t get a picture of the book actually covering his face.) For lack of a better idea, I drove to the mall where I could park in the parking deck and Alex ended up with a two hour nap.

Then we went into the mall for lunch (chick-fil-a) and playing (the mall has a great play area). There also happened to be a train and Alex loved his ride!

As soon as Wade was done with work we picked him up and started our drive to Macon, GA. Alex entertained himself with my sunglasses:

We arrived in Macon, GA to have dinner with the Alexanders (and to meet Sam). Adam and Lyz had plenty of things to entertain Alex – the tool bench and air gun being his favorites!

We attempted a group picture, but my lens and no flash made for a blurry picture:

Now we have a short drive to Warner Robins where we are staying with the Gilmans’.

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