Alex Funnies

We are reaching the stage where Alex is starting to say and do funny things. Today we had two I found hilarious.
1.) Alex loves to throw things away in the trash. I gave him a package to throw away and he came back with a candy wrapper, which he then threw on the floor. I asked him to pick it up. When he ran the other way I told him he needed to pick it up or go to time-out. He says, “Time out?” in an excited voice. Then he runs to put the wrapper in the trash and runs to sit in his time-out chair. I told him he didn’t have to go, but it’s what he wanted. Obviously something about time-out isn’t working.

2.) Alex loves fruit, but he avoids most vegetables. He will sometimes eat green beans and sweet potatoes. He refuses to touch corn. A few weeks ago he realized he could dip raw carrots in dip (which we had actually tried to show him before). Then I tried to stretch it out to include dipping broccoli. He would have none of it. Tonight I was cutting up broccoli for dinner and Alex asked for broccoli and dip. Then he proceeded to eat a huge serving with dip while I cooked dinner. Will wonders never cease?

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