Milwaukee Has A Snow Day

We had a blizzard last night and the 15+ inches were enough to officially close down Milwaukee (meaning no work or school). Before we ventured outside this is what I saw:

When we did get outside this is what the house looked like:

After a pancake breakfast, Alex and I bundled up to play while Wade cleared the driveway. Alex didn’t like being pulled in the sled, but he loved pulling Abram!

Finally the clean-up was done and Wade came in to warm up. Alex immediately wanted a book read:

As I was putting Alex down for his nap I got a good look at the backyard and the path Wade made for Madison. (Wade also made a path from the backdoor to the grill – we grill that much in winter!)

We all took a nap and then made cookies!

Then we had the Strouds over for a movie in front of the fire:

Now we are all worn out and heading to bed!

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