An Evening Visitor

Alex had a surprise playdate today. Amber was working in Janesville and Nick was sick so we picked Abram up at his school and he played with us till bedtime. (When we walked in to pick him up the teacher was expecting us. She did ask Abram, “Do you know these people?” Abram promptly replied, “They are my best friends.”) I have watched both boys together by myself before and they have required only minimal supervision. Tonight they were great together. Wade read his magazine, the boys played, and I got dinner cooked.

Abram was a good sport and ate beef and broccoli stir-fry (no rice please) and Alex wanted to eat his “bromcli” because Abram did. After dinner the boys played with Madison and then had strawberries and bananas for a fruity dessert. Maybe a sleep-over isn’t too many years away?

  1. Thank you again and again. We’re so grateful!!
    Clearly we’re spending too much time together. The boys seem to be color coordinated everyday lately. Makes for great pictures… 🙂

  2. I noticed that too – and it does make for good pictures!

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