Monkey Joe Fun

Riley invited Abram and Alex to Monkey Joe’s to celebrate his birthday. I was excited to return and watch Alex enjoy all the fun (last time he was grumpy). This time started out pretty much like last time. He wanted nothing to do with the bouncing but loved the arcade area:

Monkey Joe’s has all types of bouncy things, but mostly slides. Abram is big enough to go down by himself, but Riley and Alex need a little help. Alex was content to do this once or twice and then wouldn’t go near it. Back to the arcades he went.

Then we had pizza and presents. Alex was REALLY upset that he couldn’t play with Riley’s new firetruck.

Then suddenly Alex ran off and immediately entered one of the bounce areas. I guess he just had to warm up and do it on his own time. The boys had a blast the rest of the day:

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